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Real estate company to address affordable housing
By Deborah Bayliss

Folks in the area of Norwich and O Streets have likely already noticed the colorful cottage style homes being built there....
James Laurens, a local REALTOR said MTR is building the homes to address the shortage of affordable housing in Brunswick.
“There is a segment of people who are forgotten and cannot afford anything unless it’s a dump or somebody’s backyard,” said Bruce Garrett, president of MTR Real Estate Services, 1600 Ellis Street. “We’re not only building the houses, we help potential purchasers straighten out their credit, we provide financial literacy and help them to clean up their lifestyle and will send them for drug treatment if they need it. I’m doing all this because I want to see people do well.”
A total of six homes have been built so far. Eight more are planned.
Three homes are currently being constructed at 1100 O Street, 2439 and 2426 Norwich Street Lane.
The size of the lots, dictate the size of the houses. The houses at Norwich Street Lane and O Streets are single level, one bedroom, one bathroom homes that range from 517 to 614 square feet and are painted multiple colors.
A two-bedroom house on Wolfe Street is already complete. The O and Norwich Street Lane houses are listed at $59,900. Other houses will be similarly priced.
If someone is not ready to purchase, Garrett said they can go through the financial literacy program MTR provides until they are ready to purchase, He stressed renting before buying is not a traditional rent-to-own situation.
“They are paying rent from 90 days to six months and after that time, they usually are ready to purchase,” Garrett said. “In some cases, I will allow them to put three months of their rent into their savings account so they can have it as a down payment on the home.”
There’s no cost for the financial literacy program and it is tailored to individual needs.
However, Garret said anyone who does not abide by the rules will be expelled from the program.
“I believe you should be physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially healthy,” Garrett said. “All of that makes for a healthy community, I’m hoping that our help in providing these homes will help revitalize those areas. Sometimes, the only way to help people is through direct involvement.”
John Hunter with the City of Brunswick’s planning department said the building activity is something the city is excited to see.
“We know affordable housing is a major need in the city,” Hunter said. “We’ve been working closely with him. They are also interest in how the land bank would impact what they are doing in terms of building vacant lots to build houses on. If the vacant lots are available through the land bank, it potentially lowers the cost.”
If someone is interest purchasing a home, they can contact the MTR Real Estate office at 289-2658.


MTR Real Estate welcomes two, long time agents to their growing company.

MTR’s Broker Angie Aimar is proud to announce William H. (Bill) Brown, Associate Broker, has joined their company. They are looking forward to building a larger business and real estate presence in our community. Mr. Brown brings years of commercial real estate and property management experience to MTR. The entire company is proud to be associated with Bill Brown, a REALTOR Emeritus, with over 63 years of real estate experience, a local historian, and a lifelong native of the Golden Isles.

Founded in 2006, MTR Real Estate has been building on the success of its president and founder, Bruce Garrett. What started as a house flipping business has grown in to a full service real estate brokerage covering Brunswick and the Golden Isles. “Our goal is to help everyone with the desire to own a home, realize their dreams.” – Bruce Garrett.